Editing Reviews

Karen's editing is TOP NOTCH. She did a fantastic job editing my first book and provided me with critical insights to make my book much more readable. Her follow up was amazing and we completed the editing process ahead of schedule. I highly recommend her.


- Stephen D'Angelo, Author - A Single Day of Peace

"I had already self-published a book when I was introduced to Karen. During that first journey, I had discovered that writing is hard work. It’s challenging to find the intention of your story, your own voice, and to develop the confidence to express oneself. The first book was received well. But when I embarked on my second book, I knew I wanted something different and deeper with more spiritual gravitas. I met Karen through my publisher and, My God, within the first ten minutes of speaking together she knew how I wanted to craft my book. She took immediate grasp of my process and how I wished to express myself. My insecurities lifted, and a seed of new excitement was planted. It was magical, and I can’t wait to continue my journey with her."


-Katja Berg, Author of A Rubber Face with a Stripper’s Name

"I introduced myself to Karen Herceg via her website. I was apprehensive about working with someone who was not a referral. As it turned out, she was better than I had imagined. As a social media rating, I would give her a '5.' She is very ethical. She goes above and beyond our agreed to working arrangements. Karen is a consummate professional."


-Mark Perlman, Author of "Castles of Corn"


"After paying quite a bit of money to four different editors who did

little to improve the quality of my novel, Karen immersed herself in my story. Where others immediately stuck their noses into the tiny details and completely missed the point, Karen took a step back and truly tried to grasp my intentions. Just because someone can feel there’s a great writer inside of him or her doesn't mean they can actualize it all on their own. The bottom line is I floundered a lot, feeling blind as I wrote. Knowing there's a great story inside of you and having no idea how to present it to the rest of the world is an extremely vulnerable place. Instead of obsessing over grammar and punctuation, the first thing Karen did was to try and understand my intentions and, in doing so, she helped me better define my message and understand my goals. From there we focused on the delivery, the use of symbolism and the paths the characters take to help the reader understand that the journey in the book is actually their own journey as well. It wasn't until the story had some real direction that she started to get into all the details and finishing touches. She takes a multi-step approach.


Perhaps all editors are supposed to be this way, but she's the first I've ever met who works in this manner. She’s not even particularly fond of the genre I'm writing in, but she cares about authors and the art of writing. She dedicated a lot of her initial time to finding a way to relate to my story and message. At first she couldn't connect, but she put genuine effort into finding a way, and after a short while I found her theorizing what the characters would do as if she knew them as real people. She fell in love with them.


As soft spoken as she can be, she's not afraid to put her foot down when she can feel you trying to take the easy way out of something. I have two novels now.  She handed me a booklet of comments and suggestions for my first novel, a very long list of things that needed to be changed in order for the book to translate well to the reader. My first reaction was to just try harder on the next book because I had already rewritten it so many times. Instead of working on the next book, we spent an entire session simply discussing what writing meant to me, why I wanted to be a writer, and what rewriting this novel could do for me as a person. I'm rewriting that novel now and it's a lot of work, but I'm finding things I never expected to find, and it's making my second novel better and is helping to make the work on my third novel a more efficient process.


Karen is not just an editor; she's a muse, a mentor, and a support structure. She sacrifices, she suffers, she immerses herself in who you're meant to be.  She tries to see ahead of where you are right now, to see into the potential of what you could become and, once she's found it, she opens your book and goes to work. I can't really imagine where I'd be right now without her."


-Kephra Rubin, Author of the

  Walk Through The Valley Book Series





Karen Corinne Herceg brings to her work an objective eye coupled with a keen sensibility for the author's voice and style, making her an insightful and gifted editor.


-Christi Shannon Kline




My special appreciation to poet Karen Corinne Herceg who helped in the selection of poems for my latest manuscript, along with editorial suggestions and organizational ideas that were most helpful.


-Roberta Gould, Poet

 Woven Lightning, Spuyten Duyvil Press 2018, and author of over 10       poetry books 




Karen took the time to not only correct all my writing imperfections but also provide details and suggestions around my most common mistakes to ensure I do not repeat them in the future. I can't wait to work together with Karen again on my future projects because I know that with her my work will get the attention and polish that it needs.


-Gerry Orz,  Author & Filmmaker



I got through the manuscript and your constructive comments, recommendations, and genuine input was very helpful. Simply awesome and greatly appreciated. It showed how dedicated you are with my project and I can't thank you enough or be more excited.


-Kindra DeRouen, Poet, Cracked Glass, Shattered Pieces





Thank you very much for your exceptionally insightful and well-rounded critique of our book.


-Bronwyn Hemus, co-author, Self-Editing Your Manuscript; Co-            founder Standout Books, U.K.