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Karen Corinne Herceg graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a B.A. in Literature/Writing and has graduate credits in editing, revision and psychology.  She has co-featured at major venues such as The N.Y. Public Library, The Queens Museum, The Provincetown Playhouse, St. John’s University, Binghamton Community Poets and many others on programs with such renowned writers as Pulitzer Prize winners John Ashbery, Philip Schultz and poet William Packard, founder of The New York Quarterly. She has studied with poets David Ignatow, Philip Schultz  and author/novelist Glenda Adams.  Karen was co-founder and editor of The First East Coast Theatre & Publishing Company that published poetry by Anna Adams, Stuart Kaufman and Roger Steigmeier and a novel by Charles Powers.


Her first volume of poetry is Inner Sanctions, and her second volume, Out From Calaboose, was published in Fall 2016 by Nirala Publications. She publishes poetry, prose and essays in a variety of magazines and literary journals, including American Book Review, Compulsive Reader, North of Oxford, LiveMag! Her interview with renowned actor/writer Alan Alda appeared as the cover story of Writer's Digest's Nov/Dec '17 issue.  She is working on several full-length book projects and has completed a novella. Her work has been read by marina mati on “Hudson Valley Howl” and is read frequently by Jonathan Wolfman on his broadcasts Passionate Justice & Lit-Snips at Our Salon Radio: oursalon.ning.com. She works as an editor for Standout Books in London, UK, Kharis Publishing in the US, and works freelance with individual clients.


Karen was a featured reader in the New York area. She moved to France in January 2019.

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