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Karen Corinne Herceg

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I’m very pleased to announce I have signed a contract to write the fascinating memoir of Brody Fitzpatrick, one of the first women to become a New York City transit cop and a NYC firefighter. Brody’s journey from poverty and violence in the “burning” Bronx of the late 60’s and 70’s to challenges with gender identification and eventual surgery to become a transgender male is a story of triumph over adversity and has lessons and insights for all of us. I’m honored to tell his story.

More Upcoming Art Reviews of artists in Burgundy, France:

   Patrick Marceau – Painter

   Hiromi Nakai – Painter and Local Gallery Owner

   Richard Greneron - Photographer

   José Aguirre - Sculptor  

My review of renowned Dutch artist Ben Rikken appears in the September issue of international art magazine Whitehot. It will be re-printed in Compulsive Reader. You can read the review here.  

Upcoming literary review: Cris Mazza's latest memoir It's No Puzzle  from Spuyten Duyvil Press

My review of poet Donna Reis’ latest book Torohill appears in the October issue of North of Oxford. It will also be printed in Compulsive Reader. You can read it here

My review of The Spiral of Words,

the final book in Jorge Armenteros’ trilogy, is in the latest issue of American Book Review.


To read the full article, click here

I’m so pleased to announce that Mark Perlman’s debut novel, Castles of Corn, was released in France on September 9 under the title Le Soldat Involontaire. It will be available on Amazon and other online websites as well as brick and mortar locations. I had the pleasure of editing the book and recommend it highly. I hope US publishers will recognize its value and contribution and pick it up for publication in English. It’s a great story that weaves history and fiction and does great justice to the truth of the black experience in both America and France starting at the beginning of the 20th century up to the present day. Congratulations to Mark! 

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Please continue to be vigilant as we navigate the ongoing effects of the global pandemic. I look forward to scheduling events again soon.


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