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Richard Martin's Techniques in the Neighborhood of Sleep (poetry)


Roberta Gould's To The Dogs (poetry)


Harold Schweizer's Miriam's Book: A Poem (poetry)


Mary Dezember's Still Howling (poetry)


Magdalena Ball's Unmaking Atoms (poetry)


Gabriele D.R. Guenther's This Could Be Me Composing You (poetry)


Janet Hamill's Knock (poetry)


Jorge Armenteros' novel Air


Alan Alda's "If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?"


Gail Godwin's novel Grief Cottage


Nava Renek's novel Where The Survivors Are Buried (upcoming)


Clare L Martin's Seek the Holy Dark: Poems (poetry)


Jeffrey Cyphers Wright's Radio Poems (poetry)


Anton Yakovlev's Ordinary Impalers (poetry)


Stephanie Laterza's novel The Boulevard Trial (upcoming)


Simon Fitzmaurice's memoir It's Not Yet Dark


Gerry Orz's novel Lucky Or Not, Here I Come


Barry Wallenstein's At The Surprise Hotel and Other Poems (poetry)


Jorge Armenteros' novel The Roar of the River


Jill Hoffman's The Gates of Pearl (poetry)


Agnieszka Nowinska's Visual Art & Design "The Art of Emotion"


Jared Harel's Go Because I Love You (poetry)


Richard Martin's Goosebumps of Antimatter (anthology)


Laura Catherine Brown's Made By Mary (novel)

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