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"Sexualized Ads: Who Pays For The Buy?" - Hedgehog Review, Univ. of VA  

 Read it Here (on page 13)


“The Courage to Delete” – Front Porch Review, Park Ridge, IL

 Read it Here (on page 19)


"A Tough Pill to Swallow" - Thought Collection Journal, Chicago, IL

Short Stories

"Cosmo Marries Jack" - Halo Literary Magazine, London, UK


"The Best $5 Date in Brooklyn" - Reminisce Magazine/Readers Digest


"Knitting In Transit" - Patterns/Chrysalis Magazine

Creative Non-Fiction

"Hell Bent" - Sky Island Journal, June 2018


"The Deception of Special" - Luna Luna Magazine

 Read it Here

Prose Reviews

"The Courage To Delete" is everything an essay should be.


---Front Porch Review




"Hell Bent" is the epitome of what we consider exemplary creative nonfiction to be: the truth, told well. Skillfully crafted, the piece pulls us into its circular structure immediately, and it holds our attention throughout while we experience a range of challenging emotions. It transports us with a unique ebb and flow of narration that invites us to reflect on our own experiences as readers, right to the very end. Simultaneously terrifying, nostalgic, empathetic, cathartic, and prescient, "Hell Bent" hits all the marks...craft is tight, flow is organic, imagery is cinematic...helps us understand the paradoxical complexity of our relationship with the past...and how that intricacy both informs the present and predicts the future.


---Sky Island Journal

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